I Just Want to Dance


I’ve been away from my blog much longer than I wanted to be. The fall quarter has become busier than I had anticipated. I have a full time class load and a part time internship. I also work full time, and am participating in two weddings during the month of November. Sometimes it seems like I cannot find enough hours in the day to do what I HAVE to do let alone what I want to do. Needless to say, I have missed writing.

In addition to all of the things that I am committed to, I am also recovering from a reconstructive knee surgery that took place just under six months ago. This requires me to be in physical therapy, as well as do some exercises at home on a daily basis. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on how well my knee has been healing, and how much progress I have made. God and I have had countless conversations during this healing process, and I remember telling him, “Lord, if you heal me, I will dance for you.”

A few weeks ago my honey and I went to a wedding, and we DANCED at the reception!–like we hadn’t danced in a long time. We did the cupid shuffle and everything! I reflected on this afterward, and wondered, am I ready now?

I don’t want to start anything prematurely, so I’m going to wait and pray. Everytime I hear Fred Hammond sing “When the Spirit of the Lord,” I just want to dance like David danced. The Bible says he danced with all his might (1 Samuel 6:14). When he was asked about the appropriateness of his dancing, he said that he was willing to become even more undignified while praising God (2 Samuel 6:22).

Now I’m praying that God will continue to heal me quickly. I just want to dance before him.


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