Do You Trust Me Completely?

Intimacy cannot exist without trust. Lately it seems as though God has been challenging my level of trust in him. I trust him enough to talk about things, but I need to grow in trusting him to handle situations. My challenge is in letting go of the situation enough so that God can take care of it. I am such a doer and a planner. It’s hard for me to rest without having an answer for everything. God is challenging me to be flexible enough to let things fall into place in his own timing and not my own.

To know God is to trust him. A sense of intimacy cannot exist without trust. Trust is defined as relying on integrity, strength, ability, surety.  Through intimacy, I have come to know the strength and integrity of God. He is capable of doing the impossible, and he follows through on his promises. So, as I meditate on this, I am challenged to let God be the God of my circumstances. He orders my steps, therefore I can trust him in guiding me through the right doors, making the right decisions, and even in working through my mistakes. It’s like I’m blindfolded, and am trusting him to be my eyes as I travel this journey of life.


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