Know Me Like I Know You

I am understanding intimacy better as I think of the intimate relationships that I have. I remember that when those relationships first started, we asked a lot of questions about each other, and spent quality time together. I made it a point to get to know the other person. Questions about their past, experiences, interests, desires were things that I wanted to be able to commit to memory. I wanted to know their deepest secrets…the things that they would not tell anyone else. While I sought to get to know them, I hoped that they were just as interested in getting to know me.

God knows us deeper than we know ourselves. He knew us before we were even created (Jeremiah 1:5). This morning I heard God telling me, “Sheridan, I want you to know me like I know you.” In Jeremiah 1:5, the word “knew” can be substituted with the word “chose.” Therefore he not only KNEW me, but also CHOSE me before I was created. God is saying, “I know you’ve chosen me, but when will you get to know me?”


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Many companies have policy and management challenges. I've met many people who have started nonprofits, but don't know how to manage or fund them. I can assist you with strategic planning and executing your big vision. I have over a decade of leadership experience and a strong track record in organizational development, human resources management, and fund development. I've worked with teams to build organizations from the ground up, expand donor bases, and raise three-quarters of a million dollars. I know what works. You will save time and energy if you hire me to assist you. I provide solutions in: Nonprofit Management, Organizational Development, Board Development, Fund Development Strategies, Community Engagement, Administration, Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Process Mapping, Policy Development, Human Resources Management, Benefits, Classification, Compensation, Employee Relations, Recruitment, Risk Management, Training. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. View all posts by SheridanRichards

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